Wednesday, May 31, 2006

The sun has come out!

The sun has come out so I ran outside to take a photo! The idea for both quilts came from 'Spectacular Scraps' by Margaret Rolfe and Judy Hooworth. I love this book - such a simple idea to just use triangles in 2 contrasting colours but so effective. And now that I have the Easy Angle ruler - so much easier because I can cut the triangles from strips instead of having to add an extra 1/4 inch to a square. I'm really a scrappy quilt kind of person - I seem to remember reading somewhere that to the writer a quilt isn't a quilt unless it has at least 30 different fabrics in it and I'm keeping that as my mantra.


anne bebbington said...

30 different fabrics? Wow! Love them both but the yellow one really sings - the colours remind me of the nursery rhyme "Oranges and Lemons" and the pattern is terrific - like the other one too, more subtle but just as beautiful. Never yet had the bottle to go with a proper scrap quilt - have used a good assortment of a specific colourway but only when carefully considered and planned out. Maybe I should cut scraps of different fabrics and just go with it - without picking and choosing what comes next - do I have enough courage to be that liberated??????? That'd be a real challenge for me.

Finn said...

Hi fiona, love your name!! Saw your comment over on Bonnie's blog, and I truly hope you won't quilt blogging(unless it's absolutely essential) It does seem hard at time, but I hope you'll give it a little longer!!!

Have to say that I absolutely LOVE your seaside baby quilt from the scraps of another quilt. It's my most favorite kind!!!! I know that's NOT good English, but it delights me..and I want to grin from ear to ear, and say " MOST favorite kind!!".

I scrolled down far enough to see your hexagons in progress. I too made the FLower garden that was random rather than formed flowers. I think I showed it way back at the beginning last summer, and once since them. Mine too me 10 years to complete, and I had friends telling me "you'll never get that to square or rectangle". That was a result of going off in different directions with different colors..LOL Mine is hand pieced and and hand quilted..and it can accomplished.

The new ones photographed in the sun(yah!!) are lovely. I don't think I've heard the "30 different fabrics rule", but ok, if it works for you. Do what makes YOU happy!!! And keep quilting! Hugs, Finn

Judy said...

Hi Fiona, Finn sent me over to see your wonderful quilts!! Yes blogging can take up alot of time, but I just had to learn to juggle a bit better, and i still work on leaving the computer off and doing more sewing.

If you want more visitors, your best bet is to comment as much as you feel like on others blogs. We are a curious group and we will click to see who comments on our blogs!

I really like those two scrap quilts. SO bright and cheery!!

Ali Honey said...

Love the colours you have used. Great work.
Regards from Alison in NZ.

Tonya R said...

The sun has come out just looking at this marvelous yellow, red and pink quilt - my favorite colors at the moment.