Sunday, September 26, 2010

Christmas Fairy Comes Early

This year I am thinking ahead for Christmas.  Do not be fooled by this.  I will still be running round like a headless chicken come the middle of December. I bought some wooden clothes pegs and spent this morning making a prototype Christmas Angel.  There are several things I will do differently if I make any more but I'm pleased that it worked out roughly how I thought it would.  I'd like to make some more but I don't know when.

Like a lot of others I was aghast to hear that Bloglines was closing - I've changed to Google Reader and what a revelation!  Turns out that Bloglines wasn't picking up feeds from some of the blogs on my list and hadn't been for a while.  The demise of Bloglines prompted Chooky Blue to write this interesting post about the different ways we access blogs - well worth a look.  I'm also pleased that Blogger seems to have sorted out the Spam issue and I'm no longer having to delete comments all the while.

I promised The Girl I would make some bunting for her to put up in her student house - bright fabrics this time.  Every week I send her a parcel with something in - maybe a sachet of hot chocolate mix or a face mask - something small that doesn't cost too much to post. I write a little note on a postcard and I try to send a different one each time.  If only I were so diligent about posting on my blog - sigh!