Saturday, May 09, 2009

I've gone back to the knitting - I've seen this little bunny egg cosy on so many blogs that I had to buy the pattern from Little Cotton Rabbits. I'm not very good at doing the faces - the one on the left is about the best - the one in the middle has one eye that is larger than the other and the one on the right has a funny nose. I hope I'll improve but the sad thing is that I did the one on the left first.

I wanted to try out some different colours but cotton yarn can be on the pricey side so I went online and found Texere Yarns - they do lots of yarns at very reasonable prices so I ordered these nice bright 4ply cottons in 40g reels.

Sunday, May 03, 2009

A Finish

The cot quilt is finished - big enough to last a while I hope. I had some red and white wavy stripe fabric on hand which was ideal for the backing. You can see how very simply I quilted it - but it was enough, I think, and meant I could avoid the bulky bits where 8 seams meet which would have been a recipe for disaster as far as my quilting is concerned.