Tuesday, May 30, 2006

I wasn't looking forward to going back to work today after the holiday weekend - it's half term here in Leicester and the kids have a week off school. DD is meant to be revising for her exams but DS is going to stop with my mum until Friday. DH had taken the day off so I came home at lunchtime to see DS before he went with my mum and dad and guess what had arrived by post? Lovely yards of fabric from the USA - 6 full yards for £18.34 - including the postage. They only took a week to arrive and they are so much cheaper than comparable fabric here in the UK. I know they don't go with each other - they aren't meant for anything in particular - I just thought they would come in useful and I absolutely cannot resist anything pink or lilac (especially if there's a bit of green in there).

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anne bebbington said...

Lovely fabrics Fiona - and anyway who says they have to 'go' - it is a crying shame the difference in the price of fabric over here to in the states - wouldn't mind knowing where you order from