Tuesday, May 23, 2006

Son of seaside quilt

When I had finished cutting out the pieces for the seaside quilt, I had left over 2.5 inch strips and squares, so I cut them down until I had enough to make a crib quilt. A bit of a miniature version of the bigger one, I'm hoping to be able to quilt this one this week as a gift to a colleague who is leaving to have a baby.

I'm also making a quilted bucket bag - BUT when my son saw it laid out on the floor earlier this evening he asked if I was planning on taking it out in public - and if so, he didn't want to accompany me! So I'm going to hold back on the pics for now and hope it looks a bit better once it's finished.

Have nearly recovered from my cold (and the job interview) - too much stress!

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anne bebbington said...

that is such a lovely simple but effective crib quilt and suitable for a boy or a girl - I often do baby quilts for presents and just cut random 4" squares in say a two or three matching colourway just putting them together at random with a couple of matching borders round, one thin then one thick - always works and quick to do - even nicer to get something for nothing as you've already been working on those fabrics- lovely!