Friday, May 19, 2006

Grumpy Me

I have a streaming cold so I haven't felt like sewing and I have a job interview first thing on Monday morning which I have to prepare for and haven't felt like doing that either.

So... the picture is of my one and only piece of hexagon patchwork (can't really call it a quilt because it certainly isn't quilted - more like a wadding sandwich but hey, I didn't know any better!) I started this in 1990 just after DD was born. My then boss at work used to send me fat brown envelopes full of work instructions that she thought I would love to be reading whilst on maternity leave - I threw them away but I kept the brown envelopes because they were nice and thick and ideal for the paper hexagon shapes. I didn't finish the top until 1996 when DS was born. I suspect I will never make another one because I don't like hand sewing that much.


anne bebbington said...

Thanks Fiona for your comments on my blog - yes you're right there aren't so may of us over this side of the pond - I love the seasidie quilt you are on with for your son - nice and masculine without being too dreary

anne bebbington said...

Hope you feel better soon and well enough for your interview Monday - good luck!

Tracey said...

Oh! So sorry that you aren't feeling well!! Hopefully you'll feel much better tomorrow for your job interview. :o)

LOVE those hexagons! You've done some beautiful work!