Friday, June 02, 2006

Green - and pink!

Thought I would share this hosta with you that my Dad brought for me today.He has a greenhouse (which I don't) and always grows lots of geraniums (or pelargoniums if you're going to be correct about it) for me to put in pots in the backyard in the summer. He brought the hosta to show off the colours of the geraniums when they are put out in the pots.

Back on to the pink and green theme - I've been making a couple of these blocks each night 'cos they're so quick and you get 2 big blocks about 9"x9" each time. Don't look too close because I do join the strips - I get some of my fabric in the form of shirts and stuff from charity shops, which of course doesn't come in nice 44" lengths so I need to make a few joins. I don't care - gives it character!


Finn said...

Hi again Fiona, love your boxes!! I'm one of those people who like things "boxed", and altho circles are my most favorite shape, I quilt boxes quite often inside squares.
Yours look great, and I really like the pink and green colorway.
Is it ok if I add your blog to my side bar?? Should help you get more readers, but best it helps others find you to see your great quilts..*VBS*
I'll wait til I hear from you, before I do...Finn

anne bebbington said...

Love the boxes Fiona - the greens and pinks are so much stronger than those I've been playing with but all the better for it - I'm a great charity shop scouter too although I'm usually looking for 100% cotton sheets to space dye - which reminds me I've not done any since we moved down here to Taunton - long overdue.

I do pick up the occasional man's shirt though as I love shirtings and you get that much more fabric in a 17" collar shirt - the original quilters who used whatever was to hand wouldn't have given a second thought to joins, just used what was available with as little waste as possible.

How does your dad keep his hostas so hole free - whenever I've grown them it's been free for all for every snail and slug in the vicinity - lace leaves or what :o(

Judy said...

Wow I have seen that quilt in others blogs and I have always liked the pattern. I did a whole quilt in Greens pinks and reds with hearts all over it!! It's my Valentine quilt!

This will look really great!

Patti said...

It definitely gives it character! I love looking at antique quilts and seeing where the quilter carefully stitched two or three scraps together to get a piece large enough for one of the parts of the block. Years and years from now people will wonder why you did it that way!