Wednesday, June 21, 2006

Today's the day

Well, today's the day I find out:
  1. if I've got a job in my organisation's new structure at all
  2. if I've got either of the jobs I actually applied for
  3. if I haven't got either of the jobs I applied for but they offer me something else

Complicated or what? I had my interview nearly 5 weeks ago so it has been a long time to wait. I have to go in and see my Area Director at 3.30 p.m but before that I am going to my son's school sports day. DH and DS will also be coming as DS has finished her exams and DH is taking a day's leave. Luckily parents don't have to participate - we just go along to give support. All of the children in the school are mixed up into teams with children from all the different age groups - this year the theme is 'World Cup' (surprise, surprise) and they each have the name of a participating country - DS is in 'Ecuador'. The teams go round all sorts of different tests, like basketball, sack race, skipping, egg and spoon - probably about 20 different kinds of tests and the winning team is the one that scores the most in each event. Usually it's just me that goes so it will be really nice for all of us to be there

I have to tell you all that it's not just me that loves these blogs - my son, aged 9, often hangs over my shoulder whilst I'm reading them and comments on whether he likes the quilts. Finn - if you are reading this he was very concerned about your eyes and wanted to wish you well. My daughter of course, is addicted to MSN so thinks all this is very old hat!


anne bebbington said...

Snap in our house with my kids - what did they do before MSN - probably spoke to each other so at least it saves the phone bill! - mind you all I get now is 'OMG Mum's on the computer - agaaaaiiiin - I can't get near it!!!!!' - makes a change eh? - good luck with your job Fiona - 5 weeks is one heck of a long time to wait - what takes them so long? in schools you do usually get to know that day or the next which is one blessing - I hope the outcome is the best fit for you :o)

Finn said...

What a sweetie your DS must be..*VBS* Please tell him thank you for me. And that he should take very good care of his eyes and be careful not to run with sharp pointed things in his hands.
My eye stuff isn't from an accident, but rather from a medical condition. The good thing is it doesn't hurt..*VBS*
Its so sweet that he likes this new form of having friends.
I do hope the job thing turns out as you desire. Always so hard when re-structuring is taking place.
I was cutting up scraps yesterday, and each odd edge piece and string brought thoughts of you and your string blocks..*S* I keep alittle container next to the cutting board, and the really "end of the line" bits and strings go in there..*VBS* I'll show you some soon, Hugs, Finn

Screen Door said...

My fingers are crossed for you on the job...You must be raising those kids right... they appreciate quilts....
Be good,