Thursday, October 12, 2006

Just one block to show for now. I cut out the fabric for this quilt a while ago, but it went on the back burner while I did other things. Mainly because I was being indecisive about whether to do the blanket stitch round the leaves by hand or machine. I know they would look so much nicer done by hand but I don't think I've got the patience right now. So, I tried going round them with a machine zig zag stitch - looked absolutely terrible, like it was just tacking or something. I don't have a stitch that mimics hand sewn blanket stitch so this was the nearest one that looked even a bit like blanket stitch. It is a bit heavy, but I think it will be okay.

But I do want to do some hand sewing, so at the weekend just gone I put a border on the Depression Block quilt and I am going to 'utility quilt' it a la Finn with cotton perle.

I have also been cutting out fabric for a Christmas wallhanging that has applique on it using blanket stitch. I will post a picture once it's all cut out but there's not much to see at the moment.

And ... I made 15 Christmas Chickens for my son to sell at his school's charity week. They just need button eyes sewing on now.

Not a bad week by my standards. I even made a Lemon Drizzle cake too!


Hedgehog said...

That block with all the petals is just beautiful. 15 chickens - holy moly!! I sewed my buttons on before assembly - always interesting to hear how people do things.

Libby said...

Your block looks very sweet. 15 - chickens, thats 30 eyes -- that will certainly keep you busy.

Tazzie said...

That block is just wonderful! It reminds me of one of the quilts that placed in the famous Worlds Fair. It sounds like you've been really busy .. and Lemon Drizzle cake ... mmmmmmm!

jpquilter said...

all that sewing and cake too! you did have a good week

Screen Door said...

Lots of sewing...and a cake too. You're doing great.I like the blok edges.

anne bebbington said...

Love the 1930s block - mmmm lemon drizzle cake ..... scrummeeeeey!

Finn said...

Hi Fiona, I think your leaves will look fine with that stitching. Some times we just have to do 'what we have to' to get something moving again.
I'm so happy to hear you are going to try the utility quilting. It's very forgiving and looks great on so many quilts. Have fun with it. Hugs, Finn