Sunday, October 15, 2006

Here is the wallhanging I spoke about in my last post. It is from this book by Katharine Guerrier, The Little Book of Little Quilts. But I have altered it from the version in the book, which had reindeer which I wasn't very keen on. So I copied the snowman from a rubber stamp I have, drew out a gingerbread man and added them and arranged the trees differently. I am quite pleased with the result. Hope no-one minds the Christmassy theme - I read one blog recently (apologies, can't remember who's it was) bemoaning the fact that mention of Christmas was starting to creep into blogs and Halloween wasn't even here yet. In many ways I agree, I am not wild about all of the commercialisation of Christmas and I think all of the hoo ha does start too early. But ... this is what I'm working on at the moment and this blog should be a record of my current activity and anyway, believe me, it wouldn't get finished before Easter if I didn't start it now. I've started the blanket stitch round the edges, the book said to fuse all the parts before starting to stitch, so I have. Common sense seemed to indicate it would be better to add them as I went along to stop the edges of the trees curling up, but I went with the book anyway. Sorry about the wavy fabric - I hung it up on my picture rail and it decided it really wanted to be a flag.

I have also been buying bargains - a quilt book for £3.99 and a 100% cotton shirt from a car boot sale for 20 pence. I've been trying to think what you could buy for 20p to illustrate what a bargain it was, but in truth, you can't buy much, not even a cheap chocolate bar or a newspaper. I wanted to post a picture of my bargains but blogger won't let me - maybe another day.


Jeanne said...

Cutecutecute! And with a good head start, so you'll have it done for THIS Christmas!
Jeanne :)

Screen Door said...

Hey - I'm proud of you. I'm the one that starts Christmas projects Dec 15 and it's July 1 before they are complete. I think 'You're on the ball'. I have always had a thing for snowmen and trees. have fun.

Tazzie said...

I can understand how the Xmas theme can get into blogs so early, it takes us a while to make these things up, we don't just work on them during the festive season. Keep showing us your Xmas projects, it will keep it in the front of my mind that I need to get organised too. I hate a last minute rush.

Libby said...

No worries over the Christmas project -- it reminds us that we MUST get busy if we don't want to be stitching down bindings and labels on Dec 24 *s* I like the project you are working on -- looks like a lot of fun. And speaking of Easter, I'm working on an Easter project right now.

Angie said...

Oh Fiona, cute, cute, cute!!! :D And hey, don't sweat those who think it's too early for's only a blink away for those of us who handcraft things as gifts, etc., so carry on....I'm only envious cause I haven't started my Christmas projects yet. LOL

ForestJane said...

Ahh, don't apologise for starting things early so you can be done in time to display them for the season!

I just love the word 'keen' that you used... because it's not something we say too often here in Tennessee, and it really seems to make you more 'English' to me - I tend to forget, when seeing quilting bloggers, just how far apart geographically we can be!

Ali Honey said...

I think it is a good reminder for those who intend to MAKE Christmas Gifts, that they better get started!
We don't really DO Halloween here in NZ so are always amazed at those who do.( enjoy anyway those who do ) I love diversity!

Finn said...

Hi Fiona, I think the newly pieced wallhanging that you made is just wonderful.
It has such a nice comfortable, old fashion Christmas feel about it.

I love your choice of plaids for the background. It will be perfect for the holiday season.
And there is NO rule about what we post in any given season. We have to start soon(or now) to have things finished by the time we need them.
I look forward to seeing you bargains. Hugs, Finn

Pam's Creative Mind said...

what a happy little Christmas block!! I really like it

anne bebbington said...

You know to an extent I don't think that the 'don't mention the C word til December' can strictly be applied to quilting as it takes too long to make anything christmassy to not show it before then - love the wallhanging - lovely with the plaids