Wednesday, October 04, 2006

I've been sewing up Christmas Hens and I will post a pic at some stage but I thought you might all be chickened out by now. However, on the Christmas theme ... here are a couple of unfinished stocking tops and one that I did finish. I can't remember when I made / started them, I think it was a couple of years ago. And once again the blue fabrics make an appearance - I just didn't have so many then. I am promising myself that I will finish the first couple of stockings by Christmas this year.

My grand plan was that I would save any odd scraps (not strings because I keep them to make up my string blocks from time to time as previously posted here). Then, now and again (in my dreams) I would make up a crazy patchwork stocking and give them away at Christmas. Fat chance! I saw that Pam had been making some Christmas placemats so I thought I'd dig these out - the way I'm going I'll probably put them back unfinished after Christmas too.

Tomorrow is the publication date for Kill Chain by Meg Gardiner. This is the fifth in her series of Evan Delaney crime novels - I've read them all and believe me they've got the lot: romance, action, humour and melodramatic turns of events and are set in Santa Barbara. I've ordered the new one from Amazon so it should be here tomorrow (or probably Friday knowing the Royal Mail). It had better not be Saturday because I've arranged for it to be delivered to my work address and I shall be gnashing my teeth if I can't get hold of it. I am so looking forward to a new book in the series, hope I'm not disappointed.


Hedgehog said...

I love the stockings! I made some of white fleece a few years ago, but need to upgrade. Is that ribbon in with the strings?

Tazzie said...

I just love the stockings, I think I shall add some to the 'must do someday' list. I really like the strippy ones with the ribbon.

Screen Door said...

Adorable stockings, I really like them... you're giving me the Christmas spirit.

Linda_J said...

How wonderful--and they don't scream the traditional red and green either. A jump start for the season, Fiona!

Pam's Creative Mind said...

Too cute!!!

Libby said...

Love the stockings -- they are too cute *s*