Tuesday, July 04, 2006


The latest addition to our family - Frankie the rabbit. Apologies for the 'behind bars' pic - we had only just got him when DH took it and I haven't taken any since.

My Dad got him for us - I have to admit I was a bit dismayed at first because I didn't have a long haired rabbit in mind, just your common or garden normal short haired rabbit. Long haired rabbits take a lot of grooming to stop their fur becoming matted and with a full time job, allotment, and 2 kids I did wonder just when I was going to fit this in. (Yes, I know he is DS's rabbit and I will encourage him to groom him but it's going to take him a while to become confident)

However, I am pleased to report that Frankie seems to have a lovely temperament and will let me pick him up and groom him so things aren't looking too bad now.

The other downside has been the weather - it has been unbearably hot here and we've had to put the rabbit run under a parasol to protect him from the sun. In fact today we put the hutch in the kitchen because it was just too hot outside. Frankie's well on the way to becoming a house rabbit.


Screen Door said...

That bunny doesn't know it..but he's pretty darn lucky to have you. I laughed, it's another thing to mother. If your family is anything like mine, I end up looking out for everything. I lay awake at night and do a roll call--- did everything get fed????I guess that what mommas do....
take care--

Finn said...

Hi Fiona, what a sweet bunny...*VBS* YOu'll have to tell your DS that he is a lucky boy to have such a handsome friend.
One trick we learned with our rabbits..you can give them a wet(dampene) piece of towel or gunnysack type fabric..almost anything like that...sometimes they will lay on it, and it helps cool them. They do get over heated fairly easily, long hair or not.

anne bebbington said...

Well welcome Frankie to your first blog entry - I'm very partial to longhaired cats (just your common or garden moggies not pedigrees or anything) and he looks just as cute. Hope the weather breaks and gets to be more liveable with for him as well as us. They're talking about 80% humidity today - that's comparable with places like Singapore - yeauuuch!

Judy said...

Well he looks right at home already..glad he like to be held and groomed!!

You know they can be trained to a litter box inside right?? Glad to see he can come inside when it gets too hot. It's been 95 here for the last 2 days. Yuck!

Katie said...

Welcome Frankie. Looks like a nice bunny. He will be a great pet for you DS. Only suggestion I have to is watch him if he is allowed to run around in the house because he may chew through electrical cords. It usually doesn't hurt him but is a big headache to repair.

Lois R. said...

Hooray for Frankie! Boy is he a cutie!

Maybe you could keep his fur clipped and avoid the grooming routine. I never had a long haired rabbit before, so I don't know the full routine, but my current house rabbit, Mr. Chips, says to get him started in the litterbox and you'll have a fun and charming house companion. Try keeping him cool by filling a plastic drink bottle with water and freezing it -- Frankie will enjoy cuddling with that on a hot day.


ForestJane said...

And I'll expect to see you spinning and making yarn from his fur too... :)