Friday, June 01, 2007

Bits and Bobs

Just pottering about really. I made a fabric basket for my SIL's birthday, haven't made one of these before so it took a while but at least it worked. Here it is without contents.

And here it is with added toiletries - I did wrap them in cellophane and add a bow but that was after the camera batteries ran out. Of course, being a person who thinks ahead, I looked for the 2 spares in the charger - needless to say they weren't there. I have a 10 year old son, three guesses where they were? Yes, you're all correct, in his PSP of course.

I also received a lovely parcel from Jane - she drew my name for her 50th post. We were both tickled by the thought that of all the bloggers around the world I won, and yet we probably only live about 30 miles away from each other.

A couple of you have asked about the pattern for the quilted bags a couple of posts ago. The pattern I used was from a book, but Dani has been making the bags too (check them out) and she put this link to instructions for a similar bag on her blog if you are curious about how to get the square shape.

Other than that, all I've been doing is starting to put the borders on the bright Road to Arkansas quilt that I pieced a while ago. I really hate to have too many UFOs - I try to kid myself I'm a free spirit but if was a stick of rock I'd have "completer/finisher" in letters right the way through - it makes for a very stressful life, that's all I can say. I have a Yellow Brick Road quilt all cut out and ready to go from recycled shirts but can't bring myself to start it until that top is finished. Trouble is, my mind is always about 300 quilts ahead of the one I'm actually working on, there are just so many possibilities and so little time (and so many beautiful quilt books to drool over).
Have a good weekend all, the weather forecast is sunny!


anne bebbington said...

I love those fabric tied corner baskets - I made one for my mum a few Christmases ago to fit in a box of her favourites - marzipan fruits. Jane's fabric gift didn't have far to go - my purple bag went off in the post today to Macau - can't get much further away than that I guess

atet said...

The gift basket is lovely -- will have to remember that as an option for gift giving!

I know what you mean about so many quilts, so little time. I'm just about at the point where I need to finish a few things before I can start anything new -- I get a bit crazed if I have too many projects going at once. Of course, that doesn't prevent me from having tons of unstarted projects laying around.

Libby said...

What a fun basket - I thought it was a great gift . . . and then you filled it, too *s*

gwen said...

The basket looks great, especially with the contents which match in colours, so cute!
I love the quilting on your Depression quilt, very awesome.
Congratulations on your win and take care.

meggie said...

Love that gift idea! How sweet of you.
Congrats on your prize too. It is such a thrill to recieve one!

Quilt Mommy said...

Ooooh your fabric basket looks so pretty, and just beautiful filled with goodies! I wouldn't mind being the recipient of that lil' basket! Hehehe :)

Simonetta said...

Indeed a great beautiful job,Fiona! I love the Depression Block Quilt, great! Have a good week :)))

Jenni @ Fairybread said...

I love the peacock feather quilting, it looks fantastic. A great 'finish'.

Clare said...

The M&S packaging reminds me of the Toiles de Jouy fabric. Blue and white are always so fresh looking.

Jeanne said...

Lucky SIL to receive such a lovely gift!

teodo said...

Lovely this gift.

Your Depression Quilt is Bellissimo(wonderful).

ciao ciao