Monday, April 23, 2007

Not much further on

I'm still plugging away at the peacock feathers - have got about 3/4 of the top done now but I've run out of thread so I'll have to have a break until more arrives. The tension on the back has it's own charming idiosyncrasies - when the new thread comes I'm going to tie something round the foot like Keryn and see if that improves it.

I saw on Alison's blog this morning that she took a class where they were given this non-slip rubberised stuff to use when quilting. I've been using it to do the peacock feathers and it's fabulous, it really grips the top because you can press your whole palm on it and not just the tips of your fingers - I'm sure it's better for your wrists and it's dead cheap too.

'Fraid that's about it from me - my job is getting just a tad stressful at the moment - I think it's stifling my creativity a bit.


Leslie said...

Wowee, Zow! Your pea feathers look great! Don't get discouraged. ~ I have that rubber stuff under my machine pedal to keep it from scooting away. I'll have to try in under my hands, great idea! :D

meggie said...

I will have to give that a try too! My foot keeps going under the sewing unit.
Love the pic of your quilt.

Tanya said...

That's a great idea. I think I have some left over in the cupboard. Did I use it to keep mats from sliding? I'll try it out!

Tazzie said...

Great going on your peacock feathers, it sure does eat up the thread doesn't it? I'm going to give Keryn's idea a whirl on my freemotion foot too, I'm never thrilled with the tension.
Wonderful use for the rubbery stuff. I love it, I often hand sew it to the back of quilts that are destined to be used on a table, then they don't scoot all over the place.

atet said...

Thanks for the tip on the shelf liner -- I think I may even have some left from when I did my cabinets!

Keep your chin up about the work situation, this too shall eventually pass.

Tracey @ozcountryquiltingmum said...

Life according to tracey: Quit and live on quilting.(or 2 minute noodles.......)

Libby said...

Those feathers are outstanding. A great tip on the 'grippy' stuff. Some quilt shops sell it packaged for quilters - at a premium, of course. It's nice to be reminded that a simple trip to the dime store will yield the same result with $$ left over to buy fabric *s*

anne bebbington said...

Fiona - where did you pick up that non-slip stuff - it looks just the thing for my arthritic hands which are giving me real stick when I machine quilt - I tried on Lakeland Plastics but couldn't find any

Elaine Adair said...

LOVE that quilt and the fact that is's scraps makes it even more appealing. I looked at it up close and was amazed to see all the different scraps! The overall color scheme is wonderful. So pretty!

Marcie said...

Your Depression Quilt is wonderful! I also love your picture of potted pansies. Boy that was a mouthful!

teodo said...

Your quilt is going to be fantastic.
Courage! You will end it very soon.. Don't hurry, be calm and then you will be very satisfied!!!

Thanks for the great idea of rubbery stuff.

ciao ciao