Tuesday, April 10, 2007

Hope everyone had a good Easter break, we are back from Wales - more of that later. I took lots of stuff with me to work on but way underestimated (a) my own capabilities and (b) the amount of time actually available in between digging on the beach, and generally wandering about - this was no quilt retreat. However, before I went I did sandwich my depression block top - here it is, don't know what happened to my maths capability either because if you look you will see there is a scant 1 inch of spare backing at the top and bottom - I assure you I didn't mean to be quite so parsimonious as that. So far I have only managed to quilt about a quarter of the top, I'm using the peacock feathers that I've seen on Tazzie and Tanya's blogs and I must say I like them even better than meandering. I can only do it in short bursts though - I use up a full bobbin and that's about as much as I can do in one go.
The weather in Wales was superb, as you can see from the photos. Our family has been going to the same place, Tywyn, in Gwynedd, since the 1940's.
In those days my Nan and Grandad took my Mum and her brothers when they were children and camped. Then when static caravans took over they would rent a caravan and eventually my Mum bought a caravan on the site and my uncle has one too. When I was little we used to go on there on huge long holiday trains with many carriages from Birmingham but now hardly anyone goes on holiday by train. Whilst the weather was good, my Mum's caravan is quite old and on it's last legs, it had developed a couple of leaks in the water pipes over the winter so I couldn't have a shower and it may have been lovely in the day but it was bloomin' freezing at night. The photos are of Aberdovey, the next town along the coast - there was an article about it in one of the UK newspapers which described it as stepping back into the 1950's - and that's just what it is like, very unspoilt and traditional. DS loves to dig in the dry sand and you can collect bucketfuls of shells, and in Tywyn there are rock pools to fish in - a kid's paradise but not so attractive to my 17 year old daughter, who stayed at home with her Dad so it was just me, my Mum and my son who went. By the way - I haven't altered the colours in the photograph, the sky really was that blue, in early April, in Wales. (For those of you for whom the significance of this is lost, the weather in Wales is famous for rain and lots of it. But when the sun comes out it is heaven on earth.)


Helen said...

That is very nice quilting.

Elaine Adair said...

Holy cow! Your Easter Egg Banner is splendid!

Peacock feathers ... I wish I can figure this out. I quilt on a domestic machine, with a wide throat. Can this pattern be done without a long arm? That quilt is so pretty! You did a beautiful job.

Tanya said...

Wow! I think this is the first time anyone has ever mentioned me (let alone linked me) on their blog! I had to check to see if it was really me! And to think you liked my peacock feathers when just a couple months ago I was afraid to even try them! Thank you so much! You've really made my day!

The Wales scenery looks lovely. Wouldn't it be great to have that gradation of blue in a quilt! Lucky you!

Sooziii said...

I love the look of your peacock quilting - I usually do stippling and meander all over the place. As Elaine asked - did you do this on a domestic machine?
My nephew lives in Bangor, Gwynedd so it was really lovely to see your photos of the area.

Tazzie said...

Wow Fiona, your peacock feathers look wonderful! Good on you for having a go. I'm the same as you, I can do about one bobbin and then I want a rest. I like it more than meandering also, the only downside is you use a LOT of thread, but I think it's really worth it.
I love the holiday pictures, just wonderful.

Ali Honey said...

I love the colours in your quilt! The quilting looks superb to me.( did you practise elsewhere first? )That will be stunning when it's finished - great work! Did I mention how bright and lovely your egg banner at the top is - wow!

Connie said...

The peacock feathers are so pretty. Do you work from smaller to larger or vice versa?
The blue sky looks like it was painted on it's so perfect. Great looking beach!

Lisa said...

The Depression Block quilt looks stunning. Don't you love the way those simple blocks go together to make such an effective design, especially when you make them scrappy.

Your peacock feathers look great too.

teodo said...

The quilting is great and your holiday pictures wonderful.
ciao ciao and happy quilting

meggie said...

Love that quilt & the wonderful quilting.
Also, thanks for the lovely pics of Wales.

Libby said...

Beautiful quilting and countryside all in one post - not to mention using 'parismonious' not an everyday word for sure. (Hubby and I like to congratulate ourselves when we can work such a word into ordinary conversations. Fun *s*)

Judy said...

The quilting is wonderful! You are doing a great job. I hate when the bobbin runs out! I always have just "that" much left to do and no bobbin! They need to make them about 3 times larger!

Tracey @ozcountryquiltingmum said...

Hi, pleased you are back. It seems funny to me, going to Wales to the beach-my grandfather came out from there as a late teen! The HST quilt looks great, Tracey-and peacock tails!

Finn said...

Hi Fiona, your holiday pictures and descriptions are so lovely. Hope it was lots of fun! Love the nearly finished Depression block quilt. Such a great scrap quilt! Having seen yours, I dug my partly finished set of blocks out again...time to cut more triangles.
The quilting on yours is awesome, you could convince me it was longarm!
I scrolled down looking for your doll bed and quilt*VBS* It's great!
It might seem big now, but some day there will be more room and less little feet in your house. How neat it would be to change quilts with the months or seasons. Can you tell I like little quilts?? Hugs, Finn

YankeeQuilter said...

Your holiday photos look great! We are planning on going over to Wales sometime this summer.

Hasn't the weather been amazing! Of course I am still wearing a sweater but all the locals are are in t-shirts.

PS love the feather quilting!

ForestJane said...

Ohh, I really love how your depression block quilt is coming along! I wanted to do the depression block one I'm doing now in totally scrappy colors, but my mom has claimed the next quilt I make, and she only wanted shades of blue, to go with her bedroom.

I think yours looks nicer. :)