Tuesday, September 12, 2006

Is this a picture of my extensive collection of green and orange threads? No - it's a fabulous carrier bag that my daughter's friend brought back from a holiday in France. I only have it on loan to take a photo but I covet it so much - why can't they make carrier bags like this in the UK? Incidentally, on the reverse side are rows of green and red peppers.

On the quilting front, whilst waiting for my border fabric to arrive I have made a start on Tonya's Take the Leap Challenge Quilt . This block is square, don't know why it doesn't look it. Did you also notice there, that after 50 blog postings I have finally worked out how to insert a shortcut instead of the whole URL? (I am ridiculously proud of myself - please don't laugh!)

AAARGH - have just tested the link on the uploaded blog - and it doesn't work. Now I have to ask you to STOP laughing!


anne bebbington said...

Love the zingy noughts and crosses, or should that be hugs and kissess - whatever I love 'em in that fabric choice - really fun! Yes the carrier bag is to die for - why are we so boring n the UK?

Ali Honey said...

Great bag.( haven't seen anything like that here either.)

Keep trying you'll get it sooner or later.

Hedgehog said...

I have a carrier bag I got in France last year that I carted back to Romania by train and then to Finland by plane! They are fun! Your hugs and kisses look great!

Nancy said...

What a wonderful bag! I wish I could find something like that here.

Links 101 - to make a clickable link.
1. Log into blogger and get the page up to create your post
2. Pull up the page you want to link to. Right click on the url at the top of the page and select copy from the drop down box.
3. Go back to the page where you've started your post.
4. Highlite the text you want to link to.
5. Click the link icon (chain) on the post editor toolbar.
6. A window will pop up with http:// in it. hightlite that, right click and select paste from the drop down window. Make sure you only have one http:// at the front of the line. I've seen a lot of people who pasted their link after that so they have it twice and you get an error when you have to click on it.
7. And this is just something else I do to make it easier for my reader to realize that I've posted a link. I go to the compose tab on the post editor, highlite the text I'm linking to, and make it bold and italics.

Clare said...

They are only 60 centimes in Super U. I hope we are going that way on Thursday (via Javerlhac LOl) so PM me your address, I'll get one for you and pop it in the post. As you know, they are really really light so postage will be zilch!

These bags are being issued by all the supermarket/hypermarket chains over here to stop us from using carrier bags. We pay anything from 60 centimes upwards for one and when it finally collapses we take it back and are given another one free of charge. We have a Carrefour one that is over a year old and still going strong. The best ones are from Decathlon (sports shop).

Anyone else want one?

Clare x

Clare said...

Forgot to say - love the Os and Xs.

C x

Tonya R said...

I suspect Nancy has it right: you've probably got an extra http in there (because blogger always includes it)

great letters - I love the colors

Jeanne said...

Oh, those oranges and greens are vividly delicious!!!!

Screen Door said...

Awesome Bag!!I love the colors of the X's and O's quilt
Have fun.

Lois R. said...

I love your sense of color. Great fabrics.

That IS one cool bag!

Finn said...

The bag is lovely! I've never seen any quite like that either.
The link?? I'm not laughing...I haven't even accomplished on that doesn't work as yet!
I'd be proud too, if I ever did accomplish it. The X & O look great! Love your colors!

Tazzie said...

That is the cutest bag I ever saw, and your x and o block looks great, I love it!

Libby said...

That is one fun bag. Love the x's and o's. Keep working on the links -- seems like I can never get mine right on the first try -- no matter how hard I try *s*`

Katie said...

No laughing here. I congratulate you on trying the computer stuff. I can't even figure out how to try. You may not have her link down but you sure have her hugs and kisses. Love that green fabric.

Judy said...

Great job on the letters!!

I noticed that when the box pops up it already has the "http://" highlighted, so I use the pasting sortcut of holding down the "Ctrl" button on the keyboard and press the letter "V"...that's the shortcut for "paste".

By the way the short-cut for "COPY" is "Ctrl" then "C" button.

I also open a seperate online window so I can click over to that to collect links and not have to waffle back and forth with what I am posting.

If you need to see all this in pictures..I'll be glad to email them to you in steps! Just let me know!