Saturday, August 05, 2006

Shirts and stash

Today I went to the hairdressers. I HATE going to the hairdressers, I would rather go to the dentist anyday. It was a catalogue of disasters, I got there only to be told that they had mixed up appointments and could I come back in 3/4 of an hour. My confidence was further eroded by the stylist announcing that she was leaving (as coincidence would have it to become a dental receptionist). Hairdressing not her vocation then! She then proceeded to cut my hair, finishing with a fringe (bangs to you in the US, I think). Not a straight fringe, oh no, but one sweeping across my forehead at a ski slope angle. She straightened it up a bit when she heard my gasp of dismay but it was cut totally blunt and I like mine feathered a bit. I asked her to do so and her reply was "I don't have the right implements". Apparently, scissors aren't good enough these days. She didn't get a tip and I will have to get my mum to sort out my fringe tomorrow. Good job hair grows, eh?

On the quilting front, I am not partaking in the August stash buying embargo as you can see. I do not feel guilty about this - I allow myself a certain amount of money every month to buy fabric and I usually order it from the US because it's cheaper. Other than that, the only way that I buy on impulse is shirts from charity shops. The top pic is shirts all cut up and ready to use. There aren't any really good quilt shops near to me and the couple that are near are so expensive that I wouldn't be tempted to buy on impulse anyway.

The next pic is my fabric for this month (although strictly speaking it is out of last month's salary. I don't have many brights in my stash but I love the look of them so I ordered some of those from Thousands of Bolts. Other than that I just buy what I like the look of and worry about how to use it later. I figure that if I buy it because I like it, at some point or other it will fit together with other fabric that I've bought for the same reason.

And lastly, here is part of what I have been cutting up for my floral quilt - it is going to be part-applique, but fused and machined applique of course! I was hoping to get all the bay leaves cut out today but I ran out of bondaweb (steam a seam) and though I nipped into town at half past four to try and get some, neither of the two places that stock it had any. Cutting the pieces is my least favourite part of the quiltmaking process.


anne bebbington said...

Nice shirt fabrics Fiona and I love the right hand selection of your US -the dotty ones - lovely - I'm not doing the fabric embargo either, the show went well today and one member was selling off some of her stash at £1 a FQ so I came home with 15 - well at that price you have to be tempted - plus I've been very good since we moved here so I think I'm allowed :o)

Finn said...

Hi Fiona, I sure do hear your pain about the hair appointment. I must say that I'm not fond of them either. In thinking about it, I don't think I like anything I need an appointment for..LOL
Take your pick, taxes, dentist, dr. haircut, oil change..really doesn't matter..I don't like any of them. Must be I'm in rebellion..LOL
The fabrics look wonderful. Both sets!! *VBS* Stash needs to be built, no matter how it happens. I'm glad you are able to find things you like. I checked out that fabric site, it's a neat one!

Patti said...

Love the shirt fabrics - plaids are so cool.

Screen Door said...

I love your bayleaves. Beautiful colors.

joyce said...

I totally agree about the hairdresser which is why my hair is long with no bangs. I just get my daughter to trim off the split ends once in awhile. I would rather spend the hairdressing money on fabric. Lol. A friend of mine collects thrift store silk shirts at about $1 each and has already made one gorgeous quilt from them. They have really intense colors but are a bit hard to work with. She used a lot of starch.

jpquilter said...

how awful about the haircut - I guess it really isn't her vocation
love the pieces for your floral - can't wait to see how it turns out

Libby said...

Your new fabrics look like fun ones.

Only recently have I found a hairdresser that gives me a style that I don't feel I have to come home and restyle right away. In the past, I have just had the mantra, "It hair, it will grow back."

Judy said...

I stopped going to my hairdresser because I never got the same cut twice!! Love all the fabulous colors and fabric!! What a nice stash addition!

Katie said...

I love those bay leaves. Where can I get the pattern? Are they all complete and on top of each other or or the ones under just partials? Love the new fabrics too. And I hate to have my hair cut too.

Clare said...

Hi Fiona,

I'm with you on the hair appointment. For some reason every single hairdresser in France seems to think "short" is a la mode. I don't do short hair - medium and layered is my thing (late 70's babe!). Will they cut like that over here - will they !!

Last time I asked for degradation (layered). She layered the first quarter inch and left the rest. I look as if I've got a bird's nest on my head!

Love the colours and I think you are very restrained. I can't shop online - I'd have no money left!