Thursday, August 31, 2006

I am such a twerp

I've finally lost it ... you will remember from my post yesterday that I said DS was starting a new school term today. So, I got his uniform ready, made sure he had his holiday homework and dinner money and then I rang my childminder to say that I would take him to school today, as it was the first day of term and he likes me to. "Okay", said my childminder, "But the first day of term was yesterday." I had missed the start of term. DH had the day off work yesterday and could easily have taken my son to school, instead, they spent the day in the house, doing chores and chilling out. Cue one distraught child in tears, both because he had missed the first day of school and because he thought people would think he was stupid. I tried to explain that actually it was his mother who was stupid, but he took a while to calm down. I still don't know how I got it wrong. In both my diary and the kitchen calendar I had Thursday as the start of term.

Blogger is still playing up, this is another one of the vintage quilt tops in Kaffe Fassett's collection at the Festival of Quilts. I have a picture of the whole top, but it just won't upload. Isn't it deliciously scrappy?

When we got back from the show I played at making a modern version with bright fabrics like this. However, before I go any further with it I have several WIPs to finish (or start):
- borders on Depression Block Top
- piece top for Antique Cutie
- finish piecing recycled top

I also really want to make a start on Tonya's XOX challenge quilt so this is going to have to go on the back burner for a while but it is a project that I want to return to soon.


Screen Door said...

Hey, Nobody's stupid. My Mom always says when things like this happen, it's because our minds are just too full. Play it up -- HE got an extra day's vacation --You'll laugh every year after the new wears off of this. I'll never forget the time I was suppose to be the "treat Mom" for after the game and bring Juice and Cookies at Eric's soccer game when he was 8 yrs old. Hey-- I was at the game (in the middle of no where) no treats. Oh, I felt horrible. Another case of being Way Too busy. Hang in there kiddo, Glad you can unwind to your blocks, they're neat.


Hedgehog said...

It's adorable - don't put it too far back on the burner! Someday soon you'll all laugh about missing the first day.

Linda_J said...

I am sure that the teacher and mom will do all they can to smooth this over. Mistakes happen and will happen again in his young life probably.

Tazzie said...

Don't feel bad Fiona, I had made up a schedule for Marty while I was in the US, and it had the first day back at school on there. Poor Marty took Amy to school a day early! I had got it wrong, and they were both so embarrassed! I still don't know how I managed to mess that one up!
Your quilty pictures are very cute, I can see how you want to be working on that one!

joyce said...

When I was a kid my parents dropped us off at school a day early. THat was a country school with no phone so we were the only ones there. We just hung around until they came to pick us up. Lol. Did they really make a mistake or were they trying to get rid of the five of us a day early???? We laughed about it a lot over the years.

Pam's Creative Mind said...

Oh the things memories are made of! Down the road you will laugh at this, be laughed at about this and the story will be a memory that will be treasured for a long time!

Libby said...

These are the things that make great family stories for years to come. Your son got a whole extra day with Dad -- that special in itself. You'll be laughing over this in no time.
Thanks for sharing the Kaffe quilt and your block. I like them both. What fun.

Lois R. said...

Oops! Sorry to hear about the start of term thing.

Love your modern version in brights. What's this pattern called? Could be loads of fun to do really liberated and wonky.

McIrish Annie said...

Fiona, that's something that would happen at our house! He will remember the start of this school year forever.. love the scrappy block. and Congrats to you for being disciplined and finishing the WIPs first

anne bebbington said...

Oh Fiona - I do so feel for you both - I've never missed a school day but I did once over-ride DD2's insistence about a friends birthday party which she then missed as I'd inadvertedly written on the wrong day on the calendar - in our house the calendar is THE ORACLE! - oh and I did once forget to collect DD2 from school one lunchtime in France and was on the receiving end of a very irate french phone call to collect her - everyone else's comments are totally correct - your brain can only hold so much and ours must be full!

Clare said...

Oh thank goodness I'm not the only one! When Alex was in primary I was constantly taking her out of school as I thought it was another French bank holiday, only to find out the next day it wasn't as far as the school was concerned!

At least D.S had a great day at home with his Dad which, in my book, is worth more than anything in the world.

Happy weekend!

Patti said...

I LOVE my tea the way you English drink it. Strong, with milk. My mother served it to me that way a few times years ago, and it just stuck. Don't know why she thought of doing it that way - we certainly don't have any English in our background. I certainly would have heard about it if she had a friend who was English. Anyway, I'm so happy I learned to drink it that way. Lady Grey is one of my new favorites.

Shelina said...

Scheduling problems are bound to happen. The entire household should be responsible for keeping track, not just you.
That is a pretty bright quilt. I hope you get to work on it again soon.