Thursday, April 16, 2009

Better late than never

Okay, so I missed the Easter boat - I did change my blog banner to show my Polish painted eggs but as I didn't post before Easter that was a fat lot of good. Then, I saw these chicks at Knot Garden, who linked to the pattern at Fuzzy Thoughts. Quick, made all in one piece, got to be my kind of activity - albeit that I made it yesterday instead of before Easter.

I was full of good intentions at Christmas to really make an effort to post more regularly but I seem to have fallen by the wayside again - I think I'll stop going on about it and just accept that work gets in the way and there's only so much that I can do.

How do you keep patterns that you print off the Internet? Not long ago I bought a laminator from Aldi - they are really cheap nowadays. I've found it really useful for laminating instructions - saves them from getting all creased and I like to be able to prop them up where I can see them when following the instructions. I keep them in a box file.


Julie in the Barn said...

I keep them in those clear 8x11 inserts made for use in binders. I bought a box of them at Staples. I use them for the recipes printed from the internet as well. I like them because they are reusable. I can put the picture and all the directions inside & pull them out & throw them away if I decide not to keep them. They are pretty cheap compared to laminater film.

Leslie said...

Same here, I use clear sheet protectors, put patterns and quilt magazine photos in three ring binders; my 'idea file'.

Hey! But just think, you're ahead of the game for Easter next year, you'll be all set!

Janet said...

I kept that tut for the chicks, so cute! I keep my patterns in binders as well with the inserts. I have separate binders for different types of projects.

a good yarn said...

That's a sweet little chick. Like your idea for laminating patterns. Most of mine are still on the computer! Oh well...Ann :)

Tazzie said...

I think I need to go get a laminator - the idea that they'll stay tidy appeals to me a lot.

Clare said...

I've got a ring binder with plastic inserts for Bonnie Hunter's stuff and lots of patterns/tutorials found on the internet. I can take out each insert as and when required.

Also got another full to bursting of Tonya's tutorials.